Whether you plan to borrow some ideas or plan to make your own design, you should have a very basic understanding of the principles when it comes to landscape design. You should not feel that you need to apply each principle to each part of the plan. It would be enough that you get a good understanding of the principles which can help you come up with fantastic ideas to increase your creativity as well.


Keep in mind that a great landscape lies in the eyes of the creator. While such principles of landscape design are fantastic guidelines that you can follow, you should not feel like they are actually rules in landscaping. You must know that creativity and abstract are permitted.


You have to remember that unity should be the main goal in your design. It can be better understood as well as applied as consistency and repetition. Such repetition will create unity through repeating the same elements like the plant groups, the plants or the d?cor throughout your landscape. You should know that consistency would create unity in the sense that all or some elements of landscape would actually fit together in order to create a whole.


You must remember that unity can be created by the consistency of the character of elements in design. Character would mean height, texture, size, color schemes or other elements. One fantastic example would be using those accent boulders as well as rocks. When you have seen a landscape design which had various colors and sizes of boulders, then you have seen that unity wasn't made in such element. This is just an example on the principle which applies to all the other elements like the groups of plants as well as materials. Check out http://landscapelife.com/miami-landscaping/ if you need a reliable landscaper.


A great way for you to create unity in the landscape is by creating theme gardens. Making a theme garden is much easier when such is related to something that you are interested in or you have a passion for. When you are interested in those butterflies for instance, then you could create a theme with the use of the plants which attract butterflies and the use of ornaments, statues and other d?cor which are actually related to the butterflies.


Another principle is simplicity in the art and design. This is one of the most excellent guidelines that you can follow as a beginner or if you are DIYer. You should keep things simple to start with. You can then do more later on.



You have to consider simplicity in planting for example and this is picking two or three colors and then repeating them throughout the landscape or the garden. You should also keep the d?cor to a minimum and within a certain theme and keep the hardscapes like the boulders consistent. Visit http://landscapelife.com/ if you have questions.